The nanotechnology challenges a single sheet of lapping film


Lapping film polishing is an environmentally friendly technology

Lapping film polishing

Creating a product group that supports various polishing processes


The nanotechnology challenges a single sheet of lapping film

Our lapping film polishing machines have wide processability
and can achieve a surface accuracy ranging from nanometers to micrometers.
Since a high level of proficiency is not required,
considerable time can be saved, and the polishing process can be automated.
In addition, since film polishing is fixed-abrasive processing, there is little, if any, dust generated in the environment. Clean processing, therefore, can be achieved.

Product Information

To make lapping film usable on a variety of materials, a wide range of film types have been prepared, from which it is possible to select the proper type of film that meets the required finishing surface roughness.
In addition, the stable quality of your products is assured when you install our film polishing machine in your system.


Outer Diameter

By changing the film width and film application method, it is possible to polish the outer diameter part of all kinds and shapes.

Inner Diameter

Inner Diameter

Our innovative method to reel in film also allows to perfectly polishing of the inner diameter.

Spherical Surfaces

Spherical Surfaces

By continuously rotating the item to be polished, spherical surfaces can be polished to perfection as well.


Flat Surfaces

Our polishing machine allows our customers to precisely determine the level of polishing and also ensures that flat surfaces are leveled perfectly with no unevenness or protrusions.


Ball Screws/Nuts

Conventionally, ball screws were processed by grindstone polishing or the final process was hand-finished.